F&P Wine Group | New logo
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New logo

How the logo was created

F&P Wine Group is a group of Piacenza wine growers and producers, a leader in the production of wine and wine products in the territory. The common element that binds these different companies is represented by the two families – Ferrari and Perini – that have always been united in the leadership and management of the group.

The emphasis on the ampersand – the “&” – by means of a serif, sinuous, winding and refined font, which was designed to recall the vine-shoot, underlines the union between the families, as well as the timeless natural beauty, symbol of our country.

Natural beauty and vocation for wine production, alliance of families and companies, as well as of feelings, skills, knowledge and sharing of important values handed down over time: passion for the territory, naturalness, quality.

The graceful graphic composition almost takes the value and the strength of a historical seal. The importance given to the ampersand that turned into a vine-shoot harmoniously gathers all the different companies under the same symbol, including Poggiarello Cosmetici.

An ancient – meant as historic – taste, although regenerated and made dynamic thanks to the mobility of its sinuous lines, curls and spirals recalling fragrances and perfumes, rich flavours, and the natural beauty of an extraordinary territory of which the company is both ancient and contemporary voice.

Taking into account also the international vision of the group, it was decided to use an American font (slightly modified) that is celebrated and appreciated for its beauty, simplicity, strength and distinctiveness.

History of our logo