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Our brands

The love for the earth and passion for wine is the constant factor that has always accompanied the different generations of the Ferrari and Perini families. It is a sensitivity that comes from afar, which embodies antique, unchanging values, like respect for nature, constancy and the hard work of our predecessors so as to allow us to continue this wonderful craft of wine-making through to today. The most important moment of company development is marked by the establishment of Cantine Quattro Valli in 1952. The choice underlying our philosophy, also recalled in the name (which means “four valleys”), consists of the capacity to best represent the typical nature of the wines of the hills of Piacenza. Moreover, we produce typical wines of the territory, respecting the quality and tradition of our products, and international flavour wines that allow us to export the fruits of our work across the globe.

It is a real service centre to all intents and purposes, headed by a series of companies distributed throughout Piacenza. The operating hub of the whole company, Cantine 4 Valli is the heart of production that is spread worldwide, the guarantee of the pursuit of absolute quality and the symbol of the tireless work of a large, united family.

Il Poggiarello dates back to the early eighties and stems from the need for the younger generation Ferrari and Perini to match up to quality wine-making. The search for a place able to combine natural beauty with quality wine-making took us to Val Trebbia, one of the most evocative valleys of the Emilian Apennines. An old country house dating back to the mid-Nineteenth Century, carefully adapted with masterful maintenance work. The old porch, overlooking a shady garden, and the terrace above offer an enchanting view of Piacenza and the castles surrounding the Statto plains. In these ideal contexts, conducive to complete peace-of-mind, we are accompanied along the discovery of flavours and aromas of a production that is always excellent. The spirit that animates us is, in fact, that of guaranteeing each bottle individual care and history. Aware that good wine “is made at the vine”, it is precisely there that much of the work is focussed: the training systems, soil management, vegetation limitation, the thinning of the grapes and the rigorously manual harvest, all with a view to guaranteeing quality production. In thus doing, after pressing, the wine needs merely to be “accompanied” to the bottle, as discreetly as possible, without disturbing it unduly as it knows exactly what it has to do…

Imagination, enthusiasm, competence and professionalism accompany us day-in, day-out in the production of authentic wines able to convey affection, mood, hard work and passion. We have chosen the very best vines, those that best adjust to the land, climate and wine-growing needs. The production processes are cutting-edge but all the time with a firm eye on Piacenza wine-making traditions. Here, we use the word “vocation” as a “live” expression upheld by the Ferrari and Perini families for more than a century. In just a few years, this has allowed us to achieve a qualified presence on both Italian and export markets, strengthened by prestigious mentions and numerous international awards.

Borgofulvia was created in 2014: It is the latest member of F&P Wine Group. It is the most complete range of products, including local and national, still, sparkling and reserve wines. It is the ideal line that meets all tastes, appreciated both nationally and internationally: wines to be tasted at the table every day, but also to be presented on special occasions.

From the valleys of Piacenza famous for the goodness of their wines, for years the most prestigious grapes have been selected. Rigorous, traditional wine-making techniques are used to produce and bottle the DOC wines of Piacenza that have always stood out for their fragrance and aromas. Our company is represented by some key values: respect for people, the environment and the communities with which we choose to share our lives and work, day-in, day-out and a great desire to help contribute towards personal happiness and pleasure with our products and our passion for the territory and quality. Before the wine reaches the buyer’s table, it has a long route to travel, not only in production but also involving humans. Wine, in fact, is not merely a product of the earth but is also the result of the person who sowed the crop, harvested the grapes, of the person who monitored the pressing, controller fermentation and maceration… through to the person who allowed it to reach the consumers’ tables. To be part of this great family means to share the values and passion that ties us to this wonderful world.

It was 1980 when the Ferrari and Perini families pulled one of their dreams out of the proverbial closet and with Cantine 4 Valli created Il Poggiarello, a wine-making company set amongst the hills of Piacenza with a clear vocation for quality wine production. A little adventure that is today a business with confirmed international standing, undergoing continuous growth and evolution. From this experience, but above all from the life lived in extremely close contact with the grapes and vines, in 2012 Il Poggiarello Cosmetici was created, a naturals cosmetics project that combines the curative potential of grapes with their possible use outside wine-making. The vine is life that renews and regenerates over time. A source of constant inspiration for the creation of cosmetics that fully exploit the potential of the active ingredients in the grapes and plant. From the soul of the grapes and the vines, products are created for personal care with high concentrations of polyphenols, active ingredients with excellent antioxidant and anti-age properties.